Friday, 15 April 2011


Halfway through April and I am making some progress with my Maui Challenge, though I remain well behind schedule overall. My main aim in April was to make over $1 per game and get back some lost confidence. I am on track for this and I have also come close a couple of times to winning a second consolation bonus.
Kartajana         116$1.07  $5  18%$124  -N/AiPoker4/1/2011 4/15/2011 SNG Only

In terms of tilt my infection has subsided (though I am not completely cured). The inevitable bad beat stories continue, but one month on I can now smile and be happy I made the right play and move on to the next game to do the same. It is amazing how much poker results can be affected by mindset and discipline.
I have also experimented a few sessions playing eight games at once (rather than my normal five or six) which has proved quite effective. I am totally focused on the games because I have to be, am not tempted to play hands I shouldn't because I don't have time and the higher number of games reduces overall session variance.
All I need now is a bigger screen!

Friday, 1 April 2011

March Result:-$157 YTD:+$578

A tough month for sure. It took me the whole month to get my Maui game back together following a poor run of luck and a frustrating case of tilt. But I'm back ready to get my Maui Challenge back on track and looking forward to a new month. My aim for April is to play well, at above $1 per game for the month and win a second consolation bonus.
Kartajana         647$0.58  $5  10%$378  -N/AiPokerYear2011 SNG Only
From a more positive perspective I made an overall profit poker wise in March thanks to that good Pokerstars cash and probably paid $350 in fees during the month so all is not too bad. I also ended a session yesterday with three consecutive wins making me feel a jackpot success is not out of reach.
I can dream at least.