Thursday, 9 April 2015

One Dollar

The outcome of my challenge over the lent period was in a sense a failure. I did not hit forty wins in the Maui games I played and I failed to achieve a 15% win rate. I came close but I failed. However in many ways the period was a great success. It was a pretty profitable period, an enjoyable poker experience and a significant period of my life. I managed to amass over $450 profit via the 267 Maui games I played. Exactly $1 profit per game plus 150 Euros for a consolation bonus, plus a little rakeback. I also managed to achieve a Sharkscope ranking for a 100 game hotstreak. I am currently in fourth place and it should last the year out in the top ten. If I can play well over the next month or two I could also add a 500 game streak to my repertoire.

Interestingly, in the initial period of my challenge, when I set the one hundred game performance marker I was off work following an appendix operation. For the most part in this period I was relaxed, well rested and playing my A-Game. My previous response to the solid advice "don't play tired" has always been that if I didn't I would never play. I am always tired in truth, trying to jemmy in far too much each day - squeezing in some leisure time around my work and my family. In this week or two however things were different. I was compounded to rest. You could argue that this was just a coincidence but suddenly my poker skill was elevated, my patience increased, my confidence boosted. Throughout this period I was also not drinking alcohol, which I usually would have been whilst playing poker. Again a positive no doubt. I genuinely wonder what I could achieve in such ongoing circumstances. However, as I write I am back at work, way too tired to be doing this and should be in bed. Nevertheless my quest for more dollars continues.....