Thursday, 29 November 2012

Betfred League Of Online Poker

I am taking part in the latest Betfred promotion, The Betfred League Of Online Poker which takes place on six consecutive Thursdays. I really enjoy playing the same players in some kind of league structure, though preferably over more games than six. Points are awarded for top ten finishes and there are some decent prizes for the top five at the end of the league. The winner gets VIP Premier League Football tickets and £250. Plus there is a guaranteed £250 in the pot for each tournament which costs £5 to play.

The surprising thing about this league is that in the first week only 36 players took part and in the second that was down to 31. Then only £155 was staked for the £250 prize pool. Only a few die hard Betfred players taking part could be down to the password being only available on social media sites, the start time of 7.30 and the poor promotion of the league. Probably all three.

So have I taken advantage of this opportunity. In a word no, or not yet at least. In both the first two weeks I just missed out on the top ten finishing 15th and 11th having built up a decent stack. In the first week my Jacks lost to Tens in a key all in battle . My opponent went on to come second and now sits on top of the league. I really need to make the points in the third game to give myself a real chance.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Full Tilt Ahead

I am really looking forward to the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker. Sure I want to get my hands on the $1002 that is waiting for me. Yes, I want a piece of the $250,000 worth of freeroll money on offer. Most of all though I just want to play again on a poker site I really enjoyed. Bring it on Gus.

The thrill really is back.