Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Brussels Sprout Bankroll

My sit n go challenge has gone well over the last ten days. I have played fifty $10 games, mainly the six-man Brussels game on I-Poker, which is easily the most active at this buy in. Whilst there have been a few ten man games mixed in, it is the six man games in particular that have help see my bankroll sprout forward. I have benefited from the freedom the chip structure provides in these games compared to the jackpot games.  I have been able to play more poker and rely less on fixed strategy and maths based luck. These six max games are much more time efficient too as I don't start them with a fairly inactive fifteen minutes as happens in the Maui Jackpot games. Obviously I have also benefited from only paying the standard rake too. An extra $50 in rake would make a massive difference to the outcome, particularly in the long term. Anyway I can report a profit of $122, a ROI of 22% and progress like this:

I have enjoyed this challenge so much I am going to continue playing these games for now before having another bash at the jackpot games. For sure I have won more than my fair share of coin flips in this small sample of fifty but I feel positive again. I believe I can realistically win $1 per game at this level. I just need to prove that now over a bigger sample of games. See you at the tables. Just don't stand behind me!

Jason (Kartajana)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Month End Challenge

In an attempt to end July with a positive feel I am setting myself a short term poker challenge. Ten days, fifty sit n gos. What is the worst that can happen? (see below for answer). I am hoping this mini challenge will rekindle my focus, reignite my form and reverse the general direction of my bankroll. For a change I am going to play the non Jackpot sit n gos. No tight chip structure, no winning runs considerations, no double rake, no excuses. To make it a proper test I will play $10 games.

My performance so far this year has been disappointing. My recent form is also poor and I am running fairly bad I believe. More importantly both my profitable edge in poker and my enthusiasm for poker have dwindled somewhat this year. The two are definitely intertwined but I cannot see the real cause and effect. Which one is driving the other. Hopefully this mini challenge can give me some insight. I will report on my progress both financially and otherwise.

This year the number of my poker blog posts have also been in decline. This is not unconnected to the previous paragraph but I have also been focusing my energies on a new blog I have been working on. This relates to my other great passion, horse racing. More on this soon.

(Answer: In the last ten days of July I could lose fifty seven buy ins ($627). Poor play, lots of bad luck and really bad counting!)