Sunday, 23 February 2014

Disney Feel Good Factor

On returning from a family holiday in Disney World Florida I was expecting to be a little rusty for my return to online poker. I had genuinely low expectations as I sat down for my usual nightly set of games given my overnight flight the day before. However, following a wonderful break I was mentally refreshed and in a happy place. As such any jet lag was offset by what I will call a feel good factor. This is a great mental state to make good aggressive poker decisions. In previous blog posts I have strongly linked my good results to a very positive mindset. 

    Having cashed in a couple of dirty dozen sit n gos I was also showing good promise in one of the two daily double contests. Without too much trouble or too much luck I made the final table and before long was down to the last three, albeit with only ten percent of the chips. Of the two remaining opponents it was clear one was very good and one was not. With enough time left even with my chip stack I was able to slowly pull myself level with the other two players. I then knocked out the good player in a classic coin flip and was able to seal the win against a very passive heads up opponent. It was quite a stressful heads up process though as the winner got an extra $100. With relatively low blind levels I choose to take a low ball approach to this contest given the clear edge I had. Twice my opponent was on the ropes but fought back but I eventually prevailed. A $297 return on my first night back is very satisfying.

Thanks a lot Mickey and friends. See you next time.