Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go

I like the Dirty Dozen Jackpot games. I also loved the film from around forty five years ago. However the $2 buy in is too low for me really. The structure is two tables of six players battling for four cashing places. Whilst this game is very beatable the rate per game I acheive is not optimal. The Jackpot aside, I am only going to make a dollar or two per hour playing these games (maybe four or five at once). Safe and steady but not very profitable. Possibly they have a role as a warm up game. The Jackpot is $2000 for winning four on the trot. I have once had a shot following three wins at this and missed out. My record in these games to date is below. Based on my win rate of c11.5% I should win a jackpot every 6000 games. It would be nice to win one but I probably won't spend a lot of my time trying.

Kartajana  Click for details482$0.35  $2  15%$169  -N/AiPokerE12-12 S2-2 SNG Only

If you play the Dirty Dozen games good luck to you and maybe I'll see you at the tables.

Jason (Kartajana)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Mixing It Up

Having removed the shackles of my Maui only approach I am now enjoying the freedom to play all the varied Jackpot Sit N Go games - with mixed success. Part of the problem is playing different formats at the same time. My $5 Maui game has deteriorated as I adjust to a more six man table focus. I am having some success with the new $10 Craze Jackpot which has three tables of six players (win four on the trot for $50000). The $2 Dirty Dozen is going OK. At the $20 Rio and $50 Fort Knox six man tables I am finding it tough to adjust to a structure that creates significant variance, though I am confident I can find my rhythm soon. The big problem with these games is you can lose quite a lot in one bad session. Last week I made a classic error when on the bubble of a $50 game taking on the dominant stack when playing to cash was the optimum strategy. Being used to the $5 games meant this actually hurt quite a bit. I do still get frustrated if I lose based on bad judgement. I need to keep working on both aspects of this. 1) Don't make such mistakes, 2) If you make a mistake learn from it and don't let it lead to more!
Over the coming weeks I plan to review each of the Jackpot Sit N Go formats in turn focusing on the rules, my previous results, my ongoing strategy and future plans.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Watch Out - Shark Attack!

In a late twist it seems I have been awarded with a top twenty Sharkscope ranking after all. I am currently showing as twentieth for 2011 at the $5 sit n go level. Given we are a few days into 2012 I am hoping that is it. I have no idea how I sneaked on there as I was sure I was bit short. However, as it was an objective for 2011 I am very pleased with that.
One interesting aspect here is whether this helps or hinders me. Some players like to block their statistics hiding their good or poor quality results. Maybe it is just vanity on my part but I do work hard on my Sharkscope statistics and also use them to assess opponents. Maybe it will make a few players be more wary of me. I like to think in the late game element of a sit n go I get away with shoving all sorts partly because I am perceived as a good solid player rather than loose and reckless. Perhaps ultimately it is mainly about me. As this gives me confidence I can only view the implications as positive.
Just be careful next time you go swimming!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

2011 Review

My 2011 poker path was winding and included some really good spells as well as some tilt induced downswings. The jackpot close call in February was in a sense both the highlight of the year and my worst moment. Thats poker and the stats below show the truth of my year 2011 and my Maui challenge. I am proud of my effort but will continue to work hard to get better in 2012.

Over the 3000 games there is a very good trend line above but I cannot ignore the fact I made little progress over the final two months. Below I am very happy with my finishing position distribution. If anything I needed to gamble a bit more in the mid to late game to reduce my thirds in favour of more wins and more fourths and fifths.

A big adjustment I now need to make playing more six handed sit n gos is retuning to the optimium strategy which is somewhat different to the ten man game. Early in 2012 I am already being tested in this respect.