Thursday, 5 January 2012

2011 Review

My 2011 poker path was winding and included some really good spells as well as some tilt induced downswings. The jackpot close call in February was in a sense both the highlight of the year and my worst moment. Thats poker and the stats below show the truth of my year 2011 and my Maui challenge. I am proud of my effort but will continue to work hard to get better in 2012.

Over the 3000 games there is a very good trend line above but I cannot ignore the fact I made little progress over the final two months. Below I am very happy with my finishing position distribution. If anything I needed to gamble a bit more in the mid to late game to reduce my thirds in favour of more wins and more fourths and fifths.

A big adjustment I now need to make playing more six handed sit n gos is retuning to the optimium strategy which is somewhat different to the ten man game. Early in 2012 I am already being tested in this respect.

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