Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Giving Up - Mini Maui Challenge

My wife recently ran a Sunday School session on giving things up for the upcoming lent period and the importance of self discipline. Inspired by Jesus and by her I have resolved to give up some bad habits over the next forty days or so. The aim here is not centred on Christian belief or on a noble desire to better myself though. I am simply intending to win more money playing poker by adjusting my lifestyle. For this period I will no longer go to bed way too late, drink too much or be distracted whilst playing. Instead I will play focused poker, specifically trying to win the jackpot sit n go games I have built my poker existence around. Between 18th February and 5th April I will challenge myself to win forty Maui Jackpot Sit N Go games with an overall win rate of 15%.

None of this will be easy but I certainly play my best when well rested, focused and working to specific aims. For anyone who cares (mainly me) I will update the number of wins and my win percentage as I go along:

Final number of wins: 38 (out of 267 games)

Final win rate: 14.2%  

My recent activity has been hindered by an unexpected surgery (had appendicitis!) causing me to miss a good few days play. It may be few more days before I am fully operational poker wise. On a plus note I am way ahead of schedule in terms of drinking less and sleeping more!

A week later I have been boosted by a consolation win. One hundred and fifty Euros for a sequence of 11221. I am playing well and running good, so good that I have now established a best 100 streak average profit top twenty leader board ranking on Sharkscope. Currently placed seventh, it may not be good enough to last the year on the leader board but it is very encouraging and I am now aiming to develop this into a best 500 streak ranking. 

As I approach the end of my challenge I am struggling for a win. A couple of poor sessions have been followed by a really good one, but with four seconds and no wins. My win rate is down to the magic 15% now which is still really good overall but I am starting to run out of time to hit my target number of wins.

With one session remaining I need two more wins to hit forty in total. I am running just below the 15% win rate mark. Whatever happens it has been a solid, profitable effort with elements of really good play by me. 

No win in my final session so thirty eight Maui wins in total at just over a 14% win rate. A shame not to hit my target having come so close but a really good effort. More reaction and statistics in a few days.

Take care, good luck to you and when it arrives Happy Easter!

Jason (Kartajana)