Thursday, 17 November 2011

Hit The Wall

Like a marathon runner approaching his last few miles I have hit the wall in my Maui Challenge. The first half of November has seen me make little progress towards my goals. My game is a bit all over the place if I am honest. I have lost focus on my core strategy and my relationship with variance has cooled somewhat. I have also struggled to play the planned volume of games I needed. If this continues I will:
1. Fail to hit my $4000 target. (Which admittedly is very tough anyway now)
2. Fail to stay in the top twenty on Sharkscope for $5 sit n go players in 2011. I have dropped from 16th to 19th in the last two weeks.
3. Fail to play my intended 3000 games in total. I need to play around 500 more in the next six weeks or so which is just about viable.
This blog in a way is my feeding station at a crucial stage in the race. I need to get going again:refueled with renewed focus and endeavour and just a little closer step by step to the finish. I also need to inject some Tendler logic to my thinking and take genuine inspiration from Sunday Million dual winner Kev Steele. If he can achieve that surely I can play well again in some $5 sit n gos.
More than anything right now I need to make good decisions, to play my best poker and feel a balanced level of confidence again.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Inspiration from Kev Steele

 Kevin Steele is similar to me in many ways. He started playing Poker around six years ago. He is a regular on Pokerstars and Betfred Poker. He hails from the North of England. He is around the same age to me. He has a professional administrative position. He is a successful sit n go player and plays a lot of Maui Jackpot Sit n Gos. Indeed we have played against each other many times. There is one very significant difference:
  Kev has had massive success at multi table tournaments, recently taking down the Sunday Million for the second time. In the last few months he has pocketed the best part of $300,000! including a $12500 win on Beftred (see link).

When I look at his sit n go stats compared to mine I wonder if I should stop pissing about at the lower level games, get some balls and take a shot at the big games. One big problem is that I don't really have the time for a MTT schedule. The most I can dedicate is a few hours a night. Like Kev I have a full time job but I also have a wife and young kids. I suspect he has not. If he has even more respect is due. I cannot contemplate taking on the twelve hour marathon that is the Sunday Million and playing well througout. The last time I got a good nights sleep Bill Clinton was in the Whitehouse.
kevsteele         232$1.69  $12  6%$393  -68PokerStarsSNG Only x
kevsteele         3,001$0.83  $7  10%$2,503  -70iPokerSNG Only Betfred x
Kartajana         3,615$0.99  $6  18%$3,588  -72PokerStarsSNG Only x
Kartajana  Click for details7,367$0.67  $9  9%$4,910  -69iPokerSNG Only Betfred
This has certainly given me something to think about as I come to the end of a year and contemplate my poker future.
Well done Kev. Congratulations. Fantastic effort.

A few days after posting this I played against Kev in a couple of Maui games. We had an a bit of a chat about missed jackpot opportunities and how some coin tosses are more important than others.  He then kindly read my blog and commented as below. Amazing how things work out. He could easily have gone to Las Vegas for the main event, busted early and stayed way down on the poker radar. Good luck with the hatrick bid Kev!!!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Blog Traffic

I have really enjoyed putting together my blog entries. One aspect that is interesting to me is the range of countries that make up my blog traffic. Sure not a lot of people read my blog and most of them that do are just having a one off look but the range is genuinely vast, covering all parts of the globe. Ipoker obvioulsy has a worldwide player base. My top five visting countries outside the United Kingdom are The United States, Germany, Hungary, Russia and Portugal. The United States is an interesting one as no Ipoker players are based there. In the last week I have had visitors from Argentina, Slovakia, India and Greece.
When focused on pushing and calling ranges during four tables worth of sit n go bubbles it is so easy to forget you are sat playing a game with real players from around the world; in different continents, with different cultures, varied geography and diverse time zones.
Good luck all, wherever you are in the world.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

October Result: +$483, Overall: +$3036

Another very decent month in the end. $276 in the Maui games themselves topped up by around $120 in freeroll wins and $85 in rakeback. I have passed through the $3000 barrier and with two months to go have a reasonable chance to achieve my challenge aims.
Kartajana  Click for details264$1.05  $5  17%$276  HotN/AiPoker10/1/2011 10/31/2011 SNG Only
I will need two very good months though.
My survey has concluded that Ireland's Eoghon O'Dea will win the main event. Thanks to those who took part. I hope you are right.
Later this month I will start thinking about and making poker plans for next year.