Sunday, 16 March 2014

Back Trouble, Login Issues and Timing Problems!

I have reported recently on a successful start to 2014. January and February went really well and I have amassed over $1000 which is as good as it gets for me in a couple of months. I am very much a creature of habit and my success was largely based around playing the same regular session each night. I integrated some Dirty Dozen sit n gos on Betfred Poker with the scheduled Daily Double games on Full Tilt which I join around 10pm. My session then lasts between an hour and three depending on the level of success in the tournaments. In March however my poker routine has been disrupted by a few difficulties and as a consequence my results have suffered.

Back Trouble: I have had a re-occurrence of some back trouble from last year. The pain ranges from discomfort to severe but sitting for long periods is not great so neither is playing poker. Playing when uncomfortable is also not conducive to A game play and is not a good idea. I am currently seeing a physio and will be looking at making some changes to help my situation. My back is currently improving but I am not there yet.

Login Issues: I managed to get myself locked out of my Betfred account early this month and for some time could not get access. A combination my own incompetence, poor customer service and a catch twenty-two situation frustrated me for a few days. Emailing support, resetting my password and live chat all failed to deliver the goods. Eventually a nice lady called Natalie at the Betfred call centre sorted me out but my poker routine was again disrupted.

Timing Problems: Just as I was back on track with Betfred, Anglo-American timing moved an hour so that my normal game times were now an hour too early to fit in with the non poker world. This will not correct itself until the end of the month when the British clocks change. As a consequence I have been playing games I am less suited by on Full Tilt. Worse than that I have also been playing some games on Pokerstars where my luck ban apparently still remains in place!

I am hoping by the end of the month all three issues will be fully resolved and I can resume my progress based on talent, discipline, focus and of course routine. In the meantime I intend to have a quiet two weeks poker, playing only a minimal number of Dirty Dozen jackpot games and resting my back.