Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rakeback - Have your Cake and eat it!

Over the last few weeks Sharkscope has missed some games over a few sessions meaning my figures are not spot on. This is fine as I keep my own monthly figures based on totals in my poker accounts. Upon investigation I have been undereporting my progress as each month I receive a bonus which equates to a small rakeback cashback amount. This represents around 10-15% of my fees. Year to date I have received over $120 which I will add to my May total for my year to date position. I have also cashed a few of times in freerolls I qualify for based on my level of activity (On Maui games only). In truth I play them rarely but have amassed around $70 so far this year. From now on I will report my progress based on the overall year to date increase in my Betfred account, though I will still use Sharkscope figures as a reference point.
In general terms Rakeback can be significant in Poker. The year before last I played a lot on Cake Poker and earned 40% rakeback which added a lot to some reasonable profits I made on the site. In the end I ditched Cake as it was low on sit n go traffic and both me and my computer did not like the software. I am quite proud of the fact that two years later I am still ranked 17th on Sharkscope for average profit at the $5 sit n gos based on my Cake activity.
Kartajana  Click for details1,024$0.88  $6  18%$900  -69Cake

As I get closer to the halfway point in my challenge I really need to step up a gear.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Five wins on the trot!

Five wins on the trot as recorded by Sharkscope below. Bonus at $34,500. Unfortunately Ipoker pay on game start times. Sharkscope record on game end times. A small matter of moments, a large matter of $34,500! Oh well, good to have some wins, though I am only bouncing back following a volatile spell. Not even a consolation bonus to talk about.
Recent Results Show Last 50 Results (1 Search)
GameIDDate (UTC+0100)TypeEntryFeePositionProfit
 541811941  20-May-11  00:22  NL Holdem   $51/10$19
 541812901  20-May-11  00:21  NL Holdem   $51/10$19
 541810171  20-May-11  00:16  NL Holdem   $51/10$19
 541786631  19-May-11  23:00  NL Holdem   $51/10$19
 541784711  19-May-11  22:51  NL Holdem   $51/10$19
 541788821  19-May-11  22:51  NL Holdem   $54/10-$6
 541787571  19-May-11  22:49  NL Holdem   $52/10$9
 541528351  18-May-11  23:23  NL Holdem   $57/10-$6

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

One Thousand Games

Yesterday I completed my one thousandth Maui game this year, leaving two thousand more to play this year. Overall I am disappointed but I am already ahead of my profit total from last year which gives some comfort. My challenge was partly to enable more focus and generate more profit after a poor year.
At this point my position distribution looks like this. Whilst I need to turn some of the fifth, sixth and sevenths into higher cash positions I am happy overall. The fact that third and first are my top two positions is great. Generally I play to cash and once in the final three go for the win. I am pleased with more firsts than seconds as I always worry about my heads up game though luck is a massive factor at the bigger blind levels.
Good Luck.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

April Result: +$128 YTD:+$706


It has taken me nearly two months to reverse the damage of my early March downswing but I am finally back around my peak. I have much to do however to get my challenge back on track. Fifty seven cents per game is way below my aim, expectation and potential. It is the truth of my year to date however.
Kartajana         884$0.57  $5  10%$506  TiltN/AiPokerYear2011 SNG Only
Events have given me perspective in April:
  • Poker activity in the US have highligted just how fortunate I am to switch on my computer and enjoy playing a game I love.
  • My fortieth birthday this month has shown the value of family and friends in my life (and that I can win at poker in my forties just as I did in my thirties). The shot above is me and my wife at my birthday party at Haydock Park.
  • A trampoline injury to my three year old son has led to four hospital visits and great concern as for a few days he could not walk. He is fine now thankfully.
In terms of May, my aim would be to get above $1000 in my challange via a solid month and a consolation bonus win.
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