Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rakeback - Have your Cake and eat it!

Over the last few weeks Sharkscope has missed some games over a few sessions meaning my figures are not spot on. This is fine as I keep my own monthly figures based on totals in my poker accounts. Upon investigation I have been undereporting my progress as each month I receive a bonus which equates to a small rakeback cashback amount. This represents around 10-15% of my fees. Year to date I have received over $120 which I will add to my May total for my year to date position. I have also cashed a few of times in freerolls I qualify for based on my level of activity (On Maui games only). In truth I play them rarely but have amassed around $70 so far this year. From now on I will report my progress based on the overall year to date increase in my Betfred account, though I will still use Sharkscope figures as a reference point.
In general terms Rakeback can be significant in Poker. The year before last I played a lot on Cake Poker and earned 40% rakeback which added a lot to some reasonable profits I made on the site. In the end I ditched Cake as it was low on sit n go traffic and both me and my computer did not like the software. I am quite proud of the fact that two years later I am still ranked 17th on Sharkscope for average profit at the $5 sit n gos based on my Cake activity.
Kartajana  Click for details1,024$0.88  $6  18%$900  -69Cake

As I get closer to the halfway point in my challenge I really need to step up a gear.

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