Saturday, 7 January 2012

Watch Out - Shark Attack!

In a late twist it seems I have been awarded with a top twenty Sharkscope ranking after all. I am currently showing as twentieth for 2011 at the $5 sit n go level. Given we are a few days into 2012 I am hoping that is it. I have no idea how I sneaked on there as I was sure I was bit short. However, as it was an objective for 2011 I am very pleased with that.
One interesting aspect here is whether this helps or hinders me. Some players like to block their statistics hiding their good or poor quality results. Maybe it is just vanity on my part but I do work hard on my Sharkscope statistics and also use them to assess opponents. Maybe it will make a few players be more wary of me. I like to think in the late game element of a sit n go I get away with shoving all sorts partly because I am perceived as a good solid player rather than loose and reckless. Perhaps ultimately it is mainly about me. As this gives me confidence I can only view the implications as positive.
Just be careful next time you go swimming!

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