Saturday, 5 March 2011

Early March Downswing!

Variance has hit my Maui Challenge in the first few days of March. Variance has led to tilt. Variance and tilt have catapulted me on a five day downswing. Only Poker can see you win 57 days out of 59 only to lose for 5 consecutive days. My own fault though. A run of bad luck is always around the corner in poker. How you handle it defines your overall success. So what you can only win one in five coin tosses and it seems your opponents mistakes are rewarded not punished. If you continue to make the right decisions the good times will return soon. It is statistically inevitable. I am not a machine though and emotions have led me to play poorly in response to my misfortune. On day five I resolved to be totally focused and have a winning session. Things were going well until a further set of unlucky, cruel and downright ridiculous hands led me to cash only once in six games. An extra unplanned session followed (in which I was tilted, tired and tetchy - even bemoaning my bad luck in the chat box with comments like "one-outer!" and "come on!").
I am guilty of the following:
Tilting in the face of a run of bad luck
Playing when far too tired and ill
Being distracted by Pokerstars qualifiers for the Sunday Million
Being over confident
Believing my poker challenge is more important than it is

I am hoping this blog will help rid me of my tilt infection
Here endeth my confession...............

Kartajana         461$0.9  $5  15%$414  TiltN/AiPokerYear2011

Tonight I play well, smile when luck conspires against me and maybe just maybe have a winning session based on focused good play...... I bloody hope so anyway.

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