Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Rio Rhyme- Rio Jackpot Sit N Go Strategy

Following on from the great success of my Maui Mantra I wanted to capture my Rio Jackpot Sit N Go strategy in a memorable ditty. So here it is:

Get stuck in and use position
In level three make a decision
Bubble time, push-fold with precision
Then be lucky, the win is your mission

Strategy is very important in the jackpot sit n go I feel, though arguably you should have a somewhat flexible approach. Certainly adapting to your opponents play is important especially in these six handed games. However I do feel it is genuinely helpful to have a memorable strategy summary. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and play a non optimum style. To translate my rhyme you need to be active early in these games looking for a opportunity to double up. This is the best route to victory. Using position can help here. By the end of level three you make a decision based on the chips you have in terms of playing to win or playing to cash. Soon bubble rules kick in. Later, heads up, a combination of aggression and good luck are needed. If you are brave/foolish enough to take on the Rio games good luck to you, you really will need it to beat the rake and the regulars.

See Maui Mantra:

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