Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Five Hundred Games

In 2014 so far I have played five hundred twelve player jackpot sit n gos. My progress is charted above and below. I am particularly pleased with the positions chart and the fact that I am winning thirteen percent of games.Good, but still open to improvement. Interestingly first and fourth are my joint top results followed by second then sixth. Obviously these are all key targets  - winning, getting heads up, cashing in fourth and reaching the final table of six. My ROI is 18% which equates to fifty cents per game. Following a break for the World Cup I intend to literally double my efforts, playing a thousand jackpot games over the rest of 2014, at least maintaining the win rate described but whilst playing more games simultaneously. These will be played alongside some MTT games on Full Tilt where I continue to prosper despite the cancellation of my favourite games.

Whilst playing the jackpot sit n gos I also intend to develop a strategy document showing how to best beat this game, a process which in itself will help me progress. It will keep me focused on the correct approach and minimize my mistakes.

Good luck to England and lets hope its a great tournament.

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