Saturday, 23 August 2014

Five A Day

I am introducing a shift of strategy which I think will be good for me. So far this year I have enjoyed some solid progress and profit. However, my good run in the dirty dozen games has waned of late. I have become a little unfocused and also distracted by other less profitable games. I have also not been enjoying my poker as much. Ultimately I think I am a little unmotivated by the goal of winning a 2000 Euro Jackpot. Sure it is a decent amount of money but great as it would be, it would not really be a big step forward forward in poker or in life. To play at my best I need to be fully motivated so I am shifting back to the Maui games which conveniently has a current jackpot total of 31000 Euros. Enough to help me exceed my overall poker target of $50,000 and also enough to impact on my non poker world. As a family we could do something really significant with that.

In my first five Maui games for a long time I managed a win which gives me some encouragement. So I plan to play five a day to focus me back on the jackpot goal. If it also reminds to eat more fruit and vegetables that can't be a bad thing for my poker either.

Good luck.

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