Saturday, 11 June 2011

Full Tilt Pro defeated

I play occasional sit n gos on Full Tilt and when I get the opportunity will test myself against the sites pros if they play at the lower value games. In a recent $11 game a was sat to the right of South African Pro Ryan Dreyer and managed to win with the pro knocked out on the bubble. To be fair he outplayed me significantly on one hand but I played it safe (retreating in the face of strength) and fought back well in later hands.
Full Tilt Poker Tournament Summary $11 + $1 Sit & Go (Turbo) (240034847) Hold'em No Limit
Buy-In: $11 + $1
Buy-In Chips: 1500
9 Entries
Total Prize Pool: $99
Tournament started: 2011/06/06 18:48:47 ET
Tournament finished: 2011/06/06 19:26:19 ET
1: Kartajana, $49.50
2: jimmyforreal, $29.70
3: break_evan, $19.80
4: Ryan Dreyer
5: Maria_Lupita
6: calmon
7: Logonat
8: Vins10
9: leo452
Kartajana finished in 1st place
Following my recent holiday I have started June well. My Maui progress is somewhat volatile as usual but heading in the right direction.

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