Friday, 1 June 2012

May The Force Be With You

The force was strong with Kartajana in May. I did not play particularly well yet had a very good month, hitting a Rio consolation bonus for $300 and two Sunday Million satellites for $215 each. All in a month I was accused of being the worst player on the I-Poker network! To be fair I have not been ripping up any trees this year poker wise but finally I am at least trampling on a number of shrubs. On the last day of the month I hit my second satellite win as follows:
PokerStars Tournament #568509688, No Limit Hold'em
Super Satellite
Buy-In: $8.00/$0.16 USD
36 players
Total Prize Pool: $288.00 USD
Target Tournament #575020010 Buy-In: $200.00/15.00 USD
1 tickets to the target tournament

Tournament started 2012/05/31 18:53:06 ET
Tournament finished 2012/05/31 19:05:41 ET
  1: Kartajana (United Kingdom),  (qualified for the target tournament)
  2: Supersvintus (Russia), $16.00
  3: SMKDSALMON51 (Canada), $16.00
  4: ankoval (Russia), $16.00
  5: Chop_Chop96 (Israel), $16.00
  6: sunshine077 (Germany), $9.00
The accusation of being the worst player on I-poker demonstrates the tilt that can be caused by the Rio games. In a game where I had been pretty lucky on the bubble and beyond, I pushed into the chip leader with T9 with high blinds and he called with QJ. We both had similar chips but the player in third was short stacked. According to ICM this was a push from me and a fold from my opponent. Lets just say he or she was not happy and I was subject to a sequence of abuse. Not only am I the worst player on I-Poker I know I am apparently. I think Boba Fett would have showed less patience than I did here. To be fair it is frustrating to lose with the best hand in a key spot and I was pretty lucky over a few hands but that's poker, in particular jackpot sit n go poker. To reinforce the variance point here, my short stacked opponent went on to win the game following a series of coolers, bad beats and blatant good fortune. That dude must be the second worst player on I-Poker!
Beware the dark side!

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