Friday, 14 December 2012

Betfred Poker League Update 2

The table above demonstrates the progress I made in week four of the Betfred Poker League. A fifth place and another decent cash left me knocking on the door of the overall prizes. With two weeks to go and two consecutive top tens under my belt I felt confident I could progress.  Sure top two would be unlikely, but top five is very much attainable.
Controversy was to surround week five however which means the leaders points above remains unchanged following a strange decision by Betfred Poker. The fifth week of six in the poker league was changed from a £5 buy in to 5p!. With the £250 guarantee still in place this meant a lot more entrants. 128 in total meaning the thirty or so regulars were swamped by new players. Non of the regulars were happy about this. You could maybe understand it in week two as an attempt to generate more interest in the league, but not week five. In the end not one player from the leaderboard above got a top ten spot so the leaderboard remains pretty much unchanged with one week to go. I managed a creditable 24th and was one of the last regulars remaining.
Congratulations to Vanpersie20 who is now guaranteed to win. He looked pretty solid for victory before the week five adjustment to be fair and deserves the prize for some fearless play. Enjoy the game and the £250.
Assuming we are back to normal for the final week I need to hit seventh at least I think to get in the top five. This will move me forward at least two places and allows for someone from behind moving ahead of me. Whatever happens I have enjoyed the league and profited from it so can't complain too much.
Happy to go for it again in the New Year Betfred. More weeks within the league, a later start time and no last minute rule changes please.

Good luck to all in week six.

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