Friday, 15 February 2013

Poker Plan: Coaching & Mental Game Update

I have played nearly one thousand games since I drafted my poker plan. This is aimed at helping me improve my win rate at the Maui Jackpot sit n go tables. My historical win rate in these games is 13% and I have set myself a target of 16% which would massively improve my chances of winning a jackpot. It won't be easy but making small steps of progress in a few areas could really help. For now 14% here I come. In February I have been refocusing on my plan particularly in the area of coaching and the mental game. In effect I have combined the two by signing up for Nick Wealthalls coaching program "The Winning Poker Blueprint."

It is early days but I can already see this is going to be very worthwhile. There is some very good material being delivered and some good stuff for me to work on. Suddenly I have homework again! So far I have been working on how to think more like a pro, backing my judgement and making key decisions in big pots. One major issue I still have is that I am focused more on winning than I am on playing well. Why is this bad? I still judge my poker on whether I won or lost in a session or in an evenings play. This can be massively dependent on luck. I should be focused on how well I played and be satisfied with a losing session in which my play was good but my luck was not. Keep making the correct decisions and the money will come. Yes I understand that but I want it now! Something to work on and certainly something I am thinking about a lot. I possibly should get out more.

Play well or good luck decide.

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