Monday, 14 December 2015

One More Year?

When I first started playing poker in 2005 the initial experience was nothing short of awesome. In my first tentative game with play money I was completely out of my depth and shocked at how quickly hands progressed and decisions had to be made. Soon though I got to grips with this new on-line experience and began to learn about the game of no limit holdem via books, magazines, on TV and on-line. Quite quickly it became apparent that there was money to be made here whilst having fun. Ten years on I have amassed around $27000 based on doing something I enjoy.

In truth over the last five years the games have got tougher, new players are in less abundance and profit potential has been reduced. Since I moved to my current house five years ago I have made $10,000 but I had made that amount in the two years before. Over the last few years I have recorded my progress in this blog, this being my one hundred and forty ninth entry. I intend only to write one more, should the situation arise, entitled "Jackpot". It is a great disappointment that I have not won a sit n go Jackpot and despite the money I have earned through poker I certainly feel I have left some winnings at the table, so to speak. Not that I am giving up hope. No way. In fact the poker I do play next year will be entirely Jackpot focused which can’t do my chances any harm.

By the end of 2016 I plan wind down my poker activity focusing instead on my horse racing blog and the historical material that relates to it. If horse racing is of interest to you please follow the link and take a look. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in my blog over the last five years and good luck at the tables for 2016 and beyond. For now my Jackpot quest continues.


Jason (Kartajana)

A week or so later I received big news from Betfred Poker:

We are sorry to inform you that iPoker will be fading out the jackpot tournaments from the Poker Lobby as each jackpot is won.

All four Jackpot games:
  •  Dirty Dozen
  •  Maui
  •  Rio
  •  Fort Knox

…Can only be won one more time!

In some ways I am fine with this. A natural conclusion to my ten years in Poker. Certainly I am not totally surprised by this news. If anything it will spur me on to try even harder now the clock is ticking. Good luck to all during this final Jackpot period, especially to me. Based on the last ten years I will need it!

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