Friday, 18 September 2015

Countdown To Christmas

Following a family holiday in Portugal at the end of August I am largely re-focused on poker and my Jackpot goals. I am playing both the Maui (Currently 58000 Euro Jackpot for 5 consecutive wins) and Dirty Dozen (Always 2000 Euros for 4 consecutive wins) versions. This mix helps me fit more games into my busy schedule and gives me a more realistic Jackpot possibility. From September until Christmas I aim to maximise my win percentage in these two games to provide a very special Tomlinson Christmas. In both games I will challenge myself to hit a 15% win rate - tough but attainable. My long terms average rates are 13% and 12%. As a minimum I hope to earn enough to buy a new laptop over the holiday season. I will update my progress as I go along:

MAUI WIN RATE: 14%    (Including sequences of 1-7-1-3-1 and 1-5-1-1-5)

DIRTY DOZEN WIN RATE: 11%    (Including a sequence of 1-8-1-1)

Good Luck

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