Tuesday, 23 August 2011


On 22nd August I smashed through the halfway mark in my Maui challenge. $2000 done, $2000 to go. I say smashed as I am going through a particularly hot spell at the moment. I am playing well and running good. Poker is great when this happens. I am certainly feeling the benefit of my new Tendler style approach to variance. Having said that I have hit the halfway mark about two months late. I am on schedule for just over $3000, well short of my $4000 target. The main deficit from my original plan is a lack of consolation bonus wins. My lonely one $200 win should be five by the time Santa is on his way and I am falling short in this respect. I can reprieve myself if I can hit two more but that probably won't be enough to enable me to hit my challenge total. I won't be giving up though and I won't be going anywhere near the North Pole!

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