Monday, 15 August 2011

Hand Histories 3 and 4

 I said I wanted to look at a good hand history in August. This is it. The same game illustrates two key points. Hand three demonstrates a tricky area in push/fold strategy. Hand four shows the outrageousness of luck and how never giving up as a short stack can add to your bottom line.
In the following hand I face what I consider to be a tricky push/fold situation. The two bigger stacks have folded, we are four handed so on the cash bubble. I am in the small blind with 1300 chips, the blinds are 200/400 and my opponent in the big blind has 1275 in chips. I have J3 offsuit. In play I felt this was a borderline decision as I have only a little fold equity and would be behind the majority of my opponents calls. When I am unsure late in a sit n go I go with the aggressive option which in this case was to push. My opponent called with KQ and took down the hand leaving me with 25 chips. In ICM terms we both played the hand correctly. I should be pushing around 75% of my hands which includes any Jack and my opponent should call with around 50% of hands. My hand was in the lower end of my push range but I made the correct push. When my stack is low in relation to the blinds and so is my opponents I am weak on ICM ranges. Something I need to work on.
saw flop | saw showdown

Button oopeaceoo (1930)
SB Kartajana (1300)
CO (0)
UTG BeatingTime (1275)
UTG+1 AchtungDan (5495)
CO (0)

Preflop: Kartajana is in the SB with J 3
2 folds, Kartajana raises to 1300, BeatingTime moves all-in for 875.

Flop (2575) 4 A 6

Turn (2575) Q

River (2575) A

Kartajana shows J 3
BeatingTime shows K Q

BeatingTime wins 2575 with Two pair, Aces and Queens with a King for a kicker
 Ten minutes and several double ups later I win the hand below to become chip leader much to the disgust of my opponents. Genuinely this is the same game, I had 25 chips and my opponent with KQ above goes out in fourth with nothing! Clearly anything can happen so never give up when very short stacked at any stage of a sit n go. Ironically I then go on to bust out in third place for $10 following some lost flips when the blinds become the rarely seen 500 and 1000.
Button Kartajana (3450)
CO (0)
CO (0)
UTG AchtungDan (5495)
UTG+1 (0)
CO oopeaceoo (1055)

Preflop: Kartajana is on the Button with 6 A
1 fold, Kartajana raises to 3450, AchtungDan calls 2950.

Flop (6900) 6 9 3

Turn (6900) Q

River (6900) Q

Kartajana shows 6 A
AchtungDan shows 4 4

Kartajana wins 6900 with Two pair, Queens and Sixs with a Ace for a kicker

August is going pretty well so far in terms of the Maui games, a good average profit per game over 100 plus games and I cashed for $42 in a freeroll the other night too. Hopefully I can sustain these good results until the end of the month.
In my next post I will review Jared Tendlers book which I finished last week.

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