Monday, 14 May 2012

Rio Consolation Win

Twelve days in to my latest mini challenge to play 250 Rio games I have won a consolation bonus of $300 for a sequence of 112212. This is the first one I have won for a couple of years so is particularly satisfying. The way the games fell I was able to approach the final game the way I described in my "Winning The Final Jackpot Game" post with the simpler task of targeting first or second.  I had no distractions, assessed my opponents and played just this one game. I played well and got the luck I needed, particularly on one key late hand.
Key Hand 1
With five players left I three bet an opening limp and was called. The flop was queen high and the chips flew in with my ace kicker helping me double up. This gave me a great platform to build upon to secure a top two spot.  
Key Hand 2
33 v 99
Four handed with a slight chip lead and high blinds I shoved with threes only to be called by nines. A three on the river helped me secure a dominant lead and ultimately a second place finish. I should remember by luck in this spot as otherwise I was the short stack and unlikely to make the top two.
GameID Date (UTC+0100) Type EntryFee Position Profit
 656953481   12-May-12  00:35   NL Holdem    $20 2/6 $12.50
 656924241   11-May-12  22:39   NL Holdem    $20 1/6 $36.50
 656923951   11-May-12  22:31   NL Holdem    $20 2/6 $12.50
 656649151   11-May-12  00:22   NL Holdem    $20 2/6 $12.50
 656649541   11-May-12  00:11   NL Holdem    $20 1/6 $36.50
 656635171   10-May-12  23:28   NL Holdem    $20 1/6 $36.50

In a few days I will update the position on my "Readers Rio Challenge" which is going pretty well after a difficult start. It is good to know I have already completed the toughest part of it. I also intend to do a few posts on overall Rio Jackpot Sit N Go strategy, though this is genuinely work in progress.
Good Luck.

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