Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Poker Plan: The Danger Of Surfing

Kartajana you are accused of trying to play six games of poker whilst also doing one or more of the following:
  • Checking your e-mails
  • Amending your fantasy football team
  • Selecting and listening to music via I-Tunes
  • Checking horse racing results
  • Writing a new blog post
  • Looking at the weather
  • Checking Facebook updates
  • Entering competitions
  • Checking football scores
  • Other random surfing

How do you plead?
"Guilty your honour."
In acting as you have done you have shown great arrogance and contempt for your fellow poker players. You will serve six years of playing poker at a non optimum profit level. Based on time already served you are free to go you........
Recently I stopped having my browser open in the hope of improving focus and overall performance as part of my new poker plan. I can tell you honestly the outcome has been a revelation. The last one hundred games I have played have been at an average of $2 profit per game. Of all the ways in which I am aiming to improve my win ratio this could be the biggest and the easiest to apply. I am less distracted, make less mistakes and am more aware of other players gameplay. There is an added benefit that the intermittent computer problems I experience are often caused by working my laptop too hard. Lesson learned, Progress made. Win rate improved. What next.
Thanks your honour.

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