Thursday, 19 September 2013

Random Poker

In my quest to find a profitable seam of poker in September I have played a random variety of games on different sites but for the first time since it restarted I have played most of my poker on Full Tilt. I have been taking part in the two $12 Daily Doubles tournaments which are standard multi-table tournaments but with a bonus twist. If you cash in both you get a bonus of around $25, if you final table both you get around $400. Winning both gets you around $2000. I like this kind of concept and the timing fits in well with the games being played from around 9pm to 1am. With around 150 players each night, bonuses are not too unrealistic. I have only played a dozen or so nights and have had one double cash and a fifth place for $90. Hopefully a big result is just around the corner. As well as these tournaments I have unusually been playing quite a bit of heads up which I have really enjoyed. Mainly at the $10 level, the focus needed in these one on one battles is great as is the rematch option. To be honest I have probably lost as many as I have won but have enjoyed the diversity they bring. No two opponents seem to be alike.
Meanwhile I am still playing a lot of "Brussels" six man sit n gos on Betfred Ipoker which has been a bit up and down but overall solid enough. For the year I am making around 60 cents per game over a pretty large sample which in the current poker economic is pretty good I think.

Me and Pokerstars are currently on a break in our relationship due to a couple of key software problems. One is that my settings on the site keep lapsing which means a lot of frustration resetting each time I play. The second is that the Pokerstars random card generator has somehow taken a dislike to me. Following a Sunday Million satellite win a few weeks ago I spent the $215 tournament dollars on dozens of sit n go games which generated around $18!  You know you are in trouble when you think maybe changing your picture icon might help!

Good Luck


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