Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Daily Double Delight

My life and my poker are running pretty good in October. Last night I had the perfect mental setting for what became my best poker night of the year. I started playing straight after England qualified for the World Cup in Brazil next year by beating Poland 2-0. Whilst this gave me a massive mood boost my general sense of well-being is at a highpoint. We are busy at work. My daughter looks increasingly like getting into a wonderful secondary school. We are currently voting to name my latest racehorse. My family are all enjoying good health and we have just booked the holiday of a lifetime at Disneyland Florida for next year. I also recently watched my first live NFL game at Wembley Stadium. OK so I look like shit and am always tired but you can't have everything!

Anyway I played the Full Tilt daily double games, around one hundred and fifty players competing in each. My returns for my 2 x $12 investment and around three hours of my time were as follows:

$90 for 5th place in game A
$90 for 5th place in game B
$6.96 for cashing in both games
$37.14 for the best average finish in both games
$371.41 for final tabling both games

I played really well and also got good cards or won some key coin tosses when I needed to most. Just shy of $600 is a pretty good nights work and I have generally been doing well in these games and the Dirty Dozen Jackpot games in October. To keep my feet on the ground my tentative action on Pokerstars continues to be for no reward.

Good luck
Jason (Kartajana)

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