Friday, 25 October 2013

Transient Bay

This is Transient Bay, my latest venture into racehorse ownership. Funded by my poker profits I have a five percent share. He is trained in Middleham, North Yorkshire by Phillip Kirby who is really making a name for himself and his expanding yard in 2013. If I was to compare him to a poker player it would be to Tom Middleton. Relatively unheard of until a couple of years ago this northern poker pro has had some notable wins this year, including EPT Barcelona. Like Tom, great things are expected of Phil over the next few years and hopefully I have joined the Kirby bandwagon just at the right time. Poker and horse racing certainly share the common theme that both luck and skill dictate the level of success or failure. Neither need to worry too much about the latter.

I have recently started a new blog which is the story of my journey to all the British racecourses. At the moment I have completed fifty of the fifty eight. I am recording my latest visits to new courses, such as Fontwell and Goodwood earlier this year and also reflecting on my earlier visits. Like my poker blog it exists primarily for me but if anyone else finds it of interest then that is a bonus. Check out:
If I don't see you at the virtual poker felt then maybe see you at a racecourse sometime soon.

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