Friday, 15 July 2011

Hand History 2 - Jendli Mind Trick!

This is not bad beat story.
I have just completed a losing session and I am relatively happy. Why I hear you say - because I played good winning sit n go poker. The bit I can't control (luck) simply did not go my way. Significantly I did not let it affect my play. I am being helped by my new poker book (see last post) to focus on the right kind of thinking (In Jared Tendler terms "Injecting Logic") which helps my overall play.
In this hand example I lose with aces against a big stack.  

BetFred Poker Maui "Jackpot Sit N Go" 20/40

saw flop | saw showdown

Button Art200976 (860)
SB Playkillko (1540)
CO (0)
UTG McMolerson (715)
UTG+1 (0)
MP austcor (3625)
MP Kartajana (895)
MP (0)
CO-1 MulliganPlz (690)
CO mumslittlesldr (1675)

Preflop: Kartajana is in MP with A A
austcor calls 40, Kartajana raises to 160, 5 folds, austcor raises to 540, Kartajana moves all-in for 735, austcor calls 355.

Flop (1850) 2 J 5

Turn (1850) 3

River (1850) 6

austcor shows J J
Kartajana shows A A

austcor wins 1850 with Three of a kind, Jacks

 A pretty standard loss with aces really. I have not completed the book yet but I can see if I am less affected by such hands my overall return will improve. Whilst I am dissappointed to have a losing session, one where I play well does not compare to the feeling of losing knowing you are playing poorly, on tilt and essentially giving money away. Playing well is key.

May the force be with you.

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