Friday, 1 July 2011

June Result: +$524, YTD: +$1660

A strange month as on the Maui games themselves I made a small loss but my total was boosted by ongoing rakeback and the $500 freeroll win. The breakdown of my $1660 profit at the half year point is roughly as follows:
Maui games: c$700 (Quite a few of my games in May were not recorded)
Consolation Bonus: $200
Direct Rakeback: c$170
Freeroll rakeback: c$600
Kartajana         1,364$0.48  $5  8%$656  -N/AiPokerYear2011 SNG Only x
For me to achieve my overall $4000 profit target I need to play better and play slighty more. Please see my next post on 'mind and body' in terms of how I hope to achieve this.  My year end split should look like this:
Maui games: $2000
Consolation Bonus: $600
Direct Rakeback: $400
Freeroll rakeback: $1000
Total: $4000
It won't be easy but I am definately up for it.

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