Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mini Challenge Update

I have now played half of the one hundred six man $10 games which form my current mini challenge. The aim is to get back on top of my six man strategy so I can play the jackpot versions with more clarity and confidence. The summary of my results shows a fairly satisfactory outcome to date. However the trend data shows a remarkable ten days where I have gone from running hot and playing confidently to running cold and tilting. I need to regain focus for this mini challenge to be a success.
Kartajana  Click for details50$0.64  $10  6%$32  TiltN/AiPoker2/1/2012 2/11/2012 S10-10 Spd=T SNG Only

I am currently experiencing a general poor run. I am guilty of playing when tired, when ill and when frustrated. One lost hand or bad beat has lead to poor decision making, sometimes reckless gambling and focusing on the bad luck that really this kind of play deserves. Just by sitting down and playing poker does not mean I will win. Preparation, focus and discipline are needed. I also cannot ignore the fact that my non poker existence is impacting on my mental state, which is in turn affecting my poker. Previously poker has acted as a positive distraction to my working life. At present issues in my employment are affecting me. I have worked a lot harder over the last few months and my mental energy has been more significantly consumed. It is no coincidence that I have less often played my A game in that period and made less than normal progress. Yesterday I listened to mental game guru Jared Tendlers latest radio show interview with pro Greg Tiller. Their conversation about mental muscle really resonated with me. My mental muscle is in need of rest, recuperation and rebuilding. My acceptance of this could really help me moving forward. Good results are built on a solid foundation.
Now where did I put my spade!

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