Thursday, 23 February 2012

Which Jackpot Sit N Go To Play? You Decide.

Over the last few weeks I have blogged about the four key Jackpot Sit N Go's - Dirty Dozen, Maui, Rio and Fort Knox. I have reported on my record in these games, talked about strategy and profit potential. I am now handing over to my legion (well handful) of readers the decision in terms of which Jackpot variant I will play in May as part of a mini challenge. Please vote in my survey to help decide.
Factors to consider could be:
  • The game that has provided me a consistent win rate (Maui) 
  • The game with the best consolation bonus potential (Fort Knox)
  • The game which is most fun (?)
  • The easiest game to profit from (Dirty Dozen)
  • The game I have come closest to winning the Jackpot (Rio)
  • Maybe you just don't want me to play the game you play (?)
  • The game which is the toughest challenge (Fort Knox)
Ultimately I should probably focus on the the game I am most comfortable with at that time. One other factor could be to always play the Jackpot game with the biggest rolled over amount. Certainly it would be a little frustrating to win a jackpot of $15000 when it was $45000 a few weeks earlier. Anyway, for that month I will follow your choice.

Poker is all about making good decisions. Please make one for me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would vote for "The game I have come closest to winning the Jackpot (Rio)" because you get the consolation prize more often.

regards ninj